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Fulvic Acid
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With productive fulplus factory, Xi'an Naturetech Co.,Ltd is one of the best China fulplus manufacturers, welcome to wholesale high-quality fulvic acid powder, bio fulvic acid powder, brown yellow fulvic acid powder, fulvic acid for agriculture use, fulvic acid liquid formulation, mineral source fulvc acid powder, 100% water soluble powder fulvic acid, high activity fulvic acid organic fertilizer from us.


Appearance: Brown Powder          Water Solubility: Completely  

Ph Value: 5.0-6.0                           Total Fulvic Acid: 95%

Heavy Metals: 50ppm max


Increase pesticide efficiency

Stimulate the plant growth

No deposit in liquid fertilizer 

Stable chemical properties 


Foliar: 1.5kg/ha


25kgs paper bags or customized. 

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